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Top 5 Best Selling New Zealand Non-Fiction!​

Top 5 Best Selling New Zealand Non-Fiction!​

Top 5 Best Selling New Zealand Non-Fiction!​

A Fabulous Failure ebook

We're Offering Free Personalised
Property Investment Strategy

A lot of kiwis want to use property as a vehicle to reduce their debt, build a passive income and reach some of those life goals. 

But unfortunately so many of us never do – often because we have no idea what to do or where to even start.  

Propellor Property Investments is a registered financial provider and we become your mentors.  Our senior consultants take the time to learn about you and your individual goals and investment suitabilities. 

Then with our own financial adviser Nikki Connors, we work together to build you a unique strategy specifically to help you reach them. 

What Is Your Biggest Challenge In
Property Investing Right Now?

Starting Out In Property Investing

You want to start investing in property but are not sure where to start and are worried about making mistakes. You would welcome some expert advice!

Getting A Mortgage For Another Property

You are ready for your first investment or you don’t believe you can afford another mortgage and don’t have a deposit saved but you are keen to figure out a way to buy another property.

Finding The Right Investment Properties

You don’t really know what a sound investment looks like, what options there are or where the best place to find them is.

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Nikki Connors and Duncan Garner take a look at New Zealand’s property market, and an audacious prediction of 7.5% growth next year and a whopping 16% surge in 2025. Are these numbers trustworthy? This podcast episode takes a deep dive into the current housing crisis gripping the nation, exploring the influence of immigration, supply and demand, and interest rates.

How Can You Start Investing In Property?

The most important step in property investing is actually getting started.

But how and where you get started is where a lot of people struggle.
At Propellor Property Investments, our expert team are here to help you throughout your entire investment journey.  
Our advice is 100% free.
We take the time to learn about you and your goals to ensure a strategy is built specifically for your situation and plans.

We help facilitate your investment by putting in place an investment strategy specific to property as well as introducing you to a team of independent professionals including lawyers, accountants, and mortgage brokers.

Propellor works tirelessly with your advisors and other third parties to ensure you have the right property investment advice as well as sourcing and completing due diligence on the investment property we believe will be a great match for the outcome you need.

How Can You Afford Another Property or Mortgage?

One of the biggest hurdles investors face is the belief that they simply cannot afford another property or another mortgage.

And so they give up and get no where.

We have a proven formula to help you overcome these hurdles including:

  • Home loan options to purchase investment property with little or no deposit.
  • How to obtain the best mortgage rates to minimise costs.
  • Investment opportunities on new properties selected for optimal rental yield and capital gain potential.
  • Passive investment options utilising trusted property managers to maximise gains without the day to day workload.
  • Ongoing assistance from our respected and experienced property coaches and mentors.

How Do You Find High Performing Investment Properties?

This is not an exercise for the faint-hearted!

Propellor has developed strong relationships with New Zealand’s leading property developers and builders.

This enables our clients to access high-quality properties at all price ranges. Many of these properties are provided exclusively to our Clients and are not made available to the wider public through mainstream real estate channels.

We research and complete a full due diligence on all these properties and developments.

We analyse the areas in New Zealand that show demonstrable growth now and look at what will drive growth in the future.

  • What is happening or about to happen in the area that will affect both rental and an on sale in the future
  • What is the real value of the property
  • We get independent rental appraisals for the property
  • What is the demands for this style of property in the area. Eg more demand for a town house rather than a house
  • What is the yield against purchase price

How We Help

Our Approach

Nikki Connors - Principal of Propellor Property Investments & Financial Adviser

Investing in real estate is not an undertaking for the inexperienced. Like any investment or large financial commitment, it is important that property investment is viewed as a business. When looking at property investment you need the right advice and the correct structures implemented.

Our advice is 100% free.

When you work with us you get an entire team of senior consultants on your side guiding you every step of the way.

Propellor Property Investments is an approved investment provider and an established and respected company who have helped 1000’s of New Zealander’s achieve their life goals. 

When you work with Propellor Property Investments You Get Senior, Qualified Advice

You will be supported by a qualified adviser with Level 5 investment certification as a qualified a Financial Adviser.  We are regulated by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority with our own Financial Advice Providers licence specifically for property-centric investment advice.  All our advice is recorded in writing.  We belong to an approved Dispute Resolution Service should you need it.


– Steve

“It puts you at ease to know that your dealing with people that are in the play of things day in and day out.”

– Fiona

“Propellor helped me with my property investment by basically doing everything that needed to be done.”

– Lauraine

“They provide you with everything you need to help put your investment property to success”

– Sarah

“The team at propellor were awesome!”


– Max

“They put us in touch with the right people, the right mortgage brokers, they took us through the right financial planning. All completely free of charge”

– Shannon

“We didn’t think it would possible given our situation but thankfully to the team at propellor it was”

Our Advice Is 100% Free

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