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Beginner investors

Getting started in property investment

There is a vast difference between choosing a family home and choosing an investment property.

For first-time investors there are a lot of uncertainties.

PROPELLOR’S investment strategists can help with:


What questions should you be asking and what are the common traps?


The rules you need to follow and the pitfalls you must avoid?


Ensuring your family home is always protected first


Understanding the difference between property investment and property management

Starting Out: Our Supportive Services


Due diligence on all properties we recommend to our clients


PROPELLOR assists you by providing valuations from highly experienced independent registered valuers so you will not pay a cent more than the property is worth.


Thorough research on the investment property market generally; and specific demographic research with an eye on:

  • expected growth
  • developments planned
  • impact on property values

PROPELLOR will provide independent rental appraisals


Conservative cash flows prepared by independent accountants showing:

  • Expected outgoings
  • Incomes
  • Tax savings

PROPELLOR Property Investments works closely with its licensed sister company Gardens Realty Group so that we can match you with a property that suits your unique investment criteria and professionally manage the sale process.


PROPELLOR Property Investments can refer you to vetted property management companies close to your investment property so that you receive the best possible property management services putting your ongoing investment in autopilot


Refer you to an experienced team of professionals including independent solicitors, accountants and mortgage brokers.

At Propellor Property Investments, we are dedicated to demystifying the investment landscape for beginners in New Zealand with a particular focus on the property sector. Understanding that entering the property investment realm can be daunting, we offer specialised resources and training designed specifically for those new to investing. Our comprehensive approach helps beginners not only learn about property investment but also equips them with the practical tools and knowledge needed to start their investment journey with confidence.

Our beginner-focused offerings include detailed seminars and workshops that break down the basics of property investing. These sessions cover essential topics such as understanding market trends, evaluating property potential, the importance of location, and financial strategies to manage investments effectively. We ensure that all participants leave with a solid foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of property investment. Additionally, our resources designed to help beginners learn about investment in NZ provide insights into broader financial principles, helping new investors see the bigger picture and make informed decisions.

Propellor Property Investments is committed to fostering a supportive learning environment where beginners can freely ask questions and explore various investment scenarios in a risk-free setting. By prioritising education and practical experience, we prepare new investors to navigate the complexities of the NZ property market and build successful investment portfolios. Whether you’re looking to buy your first rental property or simply wanting to understand the dynamics of real estate investments, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Join us to transform your enthusiasm into successful investment action with trusted guidance from industry experts.

Here’s How It Works

If you do not have cash for the deposit of your investment property you can still become an investor.

If you have a home or another property and a steady income, then you may have sufficient equity to be able to secure an investment property.


Equity is the amount of value left in your property when the outstanding mortgage value has been deducted from the latest valuation.


Your equity can be used to secure a deposit on a rental property. This is called leverage.

Used sparingly, at appropriate levels of commitment and in a way that protects your assets, leverage gives you access to the funds you need for your investments – without the need for cash.


Any PROPELLOR Property  Investment strategy that we’re involved with will work towards ensuring your home will be protected and your lifestyle will not be compromised by any investment you make or mortgage that is secured on your behalf.

Our Reviews

It puts you at ease to know that your dealing with people that are in the play of things day in and day out.



Propellor helped me with my property investment by basically doing everything that needed to be done.



We didn’t think it would possible given our situation but thankfully to the team at propellor it was.



They put us in touch with the right people, the right mortgage brokers, they took us through the right financial planning. All completely free of charge.



They provide you with everything you need to help put your investment property to success.



The team at propellor were awesome!



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