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Getting Started In Investing

Investment Property is a powerful way to build wealth because of leverage: your ability to multiply your return on investment using other people’s money (usually the banks).

The best place to start is to take advantage of our ‘Free Property Investing Service’.

One of the first things we do with you is work out how we can use property investing as a vehicle to get to your life goals.

If you would like to learn more about our free property investing service, please book a consultation with us.

Some of the things we help you with as you are getting started are:

  • Provide examples of properties that your financial analysis suggests you can afford
  • Assist in ensuring that you and your advisers have a comprehensive due-diligence process on any property that meet your criteria
  • Research and identify the most desirable property investment locations
  • Identify any future developments in the local area that could affect tour chosen property’s value
  • Liaise and coordinate with your property professionals to ensure that they have all the information necessary to be able to advise you and make the process as stress-free as possible
  • Compile a property pack based on information conveyed to us by developers for each investment property that we consider could help achieve your investment strategy
  • Real estate research to ensure your property investment is sound
    Including research on real estate location demographics and forecasted growth
  • Liaise and coordinate with your team of professionals to ensure the property sale and purchase agreement is fair to our clients

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