Property Investment For Beginners

Getting Started In Property Investment

There is a vast difference between choosing a family home and choosing an investment property.

For first-time investors there are a lot of uncertainties.

PROPELLOR’S investment strategists can help with:

  • What questions should you be asking and what are the common traps?
  • The rules you need to follow and the pitfalls you must avoid?
  • Ensuring your family home is always protected first
  • Understanding the difference between property investment and property management

Here’s what we do for you when you are starting out:

  • Due diligence on all properties we recommend to our clients
  • PROPELLOR assists you by providing valuations from highly experienced independent registered valuers so you will not pay a cent more than the property is worth.
  • Thorough research on the investment property market generally; and specific demographic research with an eye on
    • expected growth
    • developments planned
    • impact on property values
  • PROPELLOR will provide independent rental appraisals
  • Conservative cash flows prepared by independent accountants showing:
    • Expected outgoings
    • Incomes
    • Tax savings


  • PROPELLOR Property Investments works closely with its licensed sister company Metropolis Real Estate Limited so that METROPOLIS Real Estate Limited can match you with a property that suits your unique investment criteria and professionally manage the sale process.
  • PROPELLOR Property Investments can refer you to its sister company METROPOLIS Property Management Limited so that you receive the best possible property management services putting your ongoing investment in autopilot
  • Refer you to an experienced team of professionals including independent solicitors, accountants and mortgage brokers.

Here's How It Works

Here’s how it works.

If you do not have cash for the deposit of your investment property you can still become an investor.

  • If you have a home or another property and a steady income, then you may have sufficient equity to be able to secure an investment property.
  • Equity is the amount of value left in your property when the outstanding mortgage value has been deducted from the latest valuation.
  • Your equity can be used to secure a deposit on a rental property. This is called leverage.
  • Used sparingly, at appropriate levels of commitment and in a way that protects your assets, leverage gives you access to the funds you need for your investments – without the need for cash.
  • Any PROPELLOR Property  Investment strategy that we’re involved with will work towards ensuring your home will be protected and your lifestyle will not be compromised by any investment you make or mortgage that is secured on your behalf.

Developers love dealing with our clients as they know they are savvy and informed purchasers. That is why developers work closely with our sister  company METROPOLIS Real Estate Limited to secure investors for their property developments throughout New Zealand.

Given the standing of PROPELLOR in the market this often leads to lower prices for our investor clients. Not to mention on many occasions we can negotiate free furniture packs and can often ensure your investment property includes: curtains, blinds, dishwashers, and landscaping at no extra cost.

Our sister company METROPOLIS Real Estate Limited knows the best way to get a property sold is to create a unique value proposition that suits PROPELLOR, its clients and the developer.

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