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Your property investment journey with Propellor Property Investments

Where are you going in life, and how well are you prepared for the journey?

We're all headed in the same direction - towards retirement.

Some people will not have to worry about how to pay for their retirement, but they're the lucky few sitting in the first-class seats. The rest of us need a plan to set up a retirement income by making the most of the resources available to us.

And it needs to be set up now.

For many, the only form of currency available is the equity you have in your own home; and the only way to access that is to use it as leverage to investing in property.

Let Propellor Property Investments show you the way

With our help we are going to assist you (along with a team of professionals) in formulating and implementing a strategy that will provide a safety belt for you for the rest of your life, and maybe beyond. It works. And we will show you how it can work for you.

Meet Principal Nikki Connors, best selling author, media commentator and the acknowledged "Queen of investment property."
Nikki Connors

Propellor is Nikki's vision.

Propellor Property Investments is in it for the long haul for our clients. There is a vast difference between choosing a family home and choosing an investment property. For first time investors there are a lot of uncertainties. Propellor’s investment strategists are dedicated to ensuring that whether you are a potential first-time investor or a seasoned expert looking for a refresher, that Propellor will exceed expectations every time.

Propellor’s investment strategists can help with:
  • What questions should you be asking, and what are the common traps?
  • The rules and pitfalls you need to avoid.
  • Ensuring your family home is always protected first.
  • Understanding the difference between property investment and property management.
  • Providing independent rent appraisals
Propellor is dedicated to providing thorough research on the investment property market generally, and specific demographic research with an eye on:
  • Expected growth
  • Developments planned
  • Impact on property values
Conservative cash flows prepared by independent accountants showing:
  • Expected outgoings
  • Incomes
  • Tax savings
Here’s what we don’t offer - free cars or gifts to entice you to invest.

Why choose Propellor Property Investments?

Propellor Property Investments works closely with its licensed sister company Metropolis Real Estate Limited so that Metropolis Real Estate Limited can match you with a property that suits your unique investment criteria and professionally manage the sale process. Another of Propellor’s sister companies, Metropolis Design, is the perfect step to take next when considering how to style and furnish your next investment.

Propellor Property Investments can also refer you to its other sister companies, Metropolis Property Management Ltd and Private Property Management Ltd, so that you receive the best possible property management services putting your ongoing investment in autopilot. Propellor can also refer you to an experienced team of professionals, including independent solicitors, accountants and mortgage brokers.

Propellor Property Investments can offer you:
  • Due diligence on all properties we recommend to our clients.
  • Propellor assists you by providing valuations from highly experienced independent registered valuers so you will not pay a cent more than the property is worth.
  • We will work with you in establishing and implementing a strategy to ensure you have the right property, the right structure and the right plan for solid, long term investment to provide an income for the future.
  • Our plan is to help set you up for life!
Nikki Connors

Still not convinced Propellor is right for you?

We have many very happy investor clients ready to testify to our service.

"I am very happy with the PROPELLOR module, so much so that I intend to purchase one investment property through Propellor every year for the next 10 years."

- G. H. Investor Client

"It has been made very clear to us how your company could help some people in our position or similar circumstances, and we would not hesitate to recommend PROPELLER Properties to friends or relations who were thinking of investing in the property market."

- 1.C.

"I cannot truly express the feeling of hope I had after leaving your office. Corny as it may sound, meeting you has become the high of my year of self-discovery."

- C.S.

Leave it to Propellor - where your future takes flight.

To start your property investment journey, book your seat at our next property investment seminar or contact our office on 0800 81 81 91 to schedule a time with a Propellor Property Investment representative today.

Propellor's Senior Consultants

Kyle Pitman

National Manager

Kyle began his career in property in 1996. At this time, he was a leading salesperson in the city of Brisbane and soon gained extensive experience in business ownership and management through his own franchise in the Brisbane central area of Queensland Australia. In late 2002 Kyle moved to New Zealand to work with one of the Country’s largest Real Estate groups covering business development along with a focus on growth opportunities and was responsible for the rapid growth of market share. Kyle has substantial experience in other property related businesses such as Mortgage & Insurance Companies and is highly renowned as a leading mentor and coach to some of the Country’s largest businesses in the property sector.


Specialist Marketing Coordinator

Kelsi joined our Auckland office after she got her master’s degree of applied management in New Zealand. She got 10 years’ work and team management experiences of Marketing, Advertising and Human Resource management in China, serving for Fortune 500 international companies. She has an experienced background with specialism in sourcing, data analysis, coaching and customer service, as well as project management. As Specialist Marketing Coordinator with a specific focus on Asian investors, she will support our Propellor team in an innovative and dynamic business and make a moving forward to the Asian Market in New Zealand.

Mike Hackett

Senior Property Consultant - Auckland

Mike has been a property investor for more than 25 years, originally purchasing 3 properties, one for each of his sons. At that time companies like Propellor were not around to give advice and support; consequently, he made many mistakes that ended up costing him money. He eventually got the correct structures in place. Mike has always had an infinity with Property Investment and had the opportunity to carry this through to a career path in 2001 when he was employed by a company that sold investment properties with Housing New Zealand leases attached. Mike has only worked for three companies over this seventeen year period and firmly believes that Propellor’s model is far superior to others and has far more benefits for the client.

Melanie Rouse

Senior Property Consultant - Hamilton

With extensive experience in the property investment field, both as an owner of investment properties and as an experienced property manager Melanie knows what is involved in getting the maximum return on your investment. 
She has been guest speaker at a number of NZ wide property management events and has been a guest at specialist international property management events.

Owner of one of the top 10 property management companies for Harcourts in NZ Melanie knows the investment market from the ground up. 
Let Melanie’s enthusiasm and dedication to the industry work in your favour and contact her today to get the most from your investments.

Krista Stokes

Administrator - Hamilton

Krista joined our Hamilton office with an extensive background in Business Development and Systems Operations. From working with an International non-government organisation to Apple Inc. she has developed a large profile of expertise. Her approachable character and dedicated work ethic helps her provide great service to all she works with. 
She is dedicated to making the Propellor experience a seamless process that caters to all.

Karen Devereux

General Manager - Christchurch

Karen has been a part of Propellor Property Investments for over six years. She is very experienced and has been part of this industry for nearly 20 years. Karen has investment properties of her own and her experience incorporates a strong understanding of Property Investment and the importance of utilising Professionals to make sure her investments works for her.

Trevor McGrath

Senior Property Consultant - Christchurch

Trevor joined Propellor Properties in 2011 when he returned to New Zealand after 30 years in Australia, where he worked as Sales Manager for a large property investment company. He also set up 3 Real Estate offices in Northern Brisbane before selling out to his business partner in order to return to New Zealand (just in time for the Christchurch Earthquakes). As a holder of Real Estate Licenses in Australia and New Zealand, his international experience in this industry is of immense value to Propellor clients.

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