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What Our Customers Say

– Steve

“It puts you at ease to know that your dealing with people that are in the play of things day in and day out.”

– Fiona

“Propellor helped me with my property investment by basically doing everything that needed to be done.”

– Lauraine

“They provide you with everything you need to help put your investment property to success”

– Max

“They put us in touch with the right people, the right mortgage brokers, they took us through the right financial planning. All completely free of charge”

– Sarah

“The team at propellor were awesome!”

– Shannon

“We didn’t think it would possible given our situation but thankfully to the team at propellor it was”

-Lauren I.

“I have dealt with Propellor professionally for several years now. They have a great team of people offering sound knowledge and advice. I would happily recommend them.”

-Jarrod R.

“The Team at Propellor Property are great to deal with I attended one of there seminars where Nikki was the presenter and I came away thinking buying investment properties through Propellor will be a great way to achieve Financial freedom.

Propellor cover it all from putiing you in touch with Mortgage Brokers to having there in house property management team to look after your investment property.

Nikki and her team genuinely care about there clients and you will never just be a number for them.I have absolutely no hesitation in recomending The team at Propellor Property for your investment needs.”


“I would just like to say how wonderful your team have been to deal with. The contacts you have put me on to Lawyers, accountant etc have also been a breeze to deal with it and made things so simple.”

-G.N. Geraldine

“Just like to say that we too want a long term relationship and appreciate all the info and help you have given us so far.

This concept is totally new to us yet you guys are very experienced to it so
am relying on Propellor to help us reach our long term goal. Financially secure in our retirement years. This is a great start I think.”


“Thanks to you guys my life has been transformed!!!

No more credit card debt, money in the bank and 2 investment properties!!! All in the space of one month too!!

Just want to say a very big thanks for everything!

What’s next??”

-Maxwell Percy

“Nikki I have just finished reading your book.
What an inspirational book.
You are truly an amazing, …

… awesome woman.
How I wish your book was made a compulsory reading for senior school children. So much wisdom and life lessons from a lady who has been there done that. More than a book on property. I have so much respect for you. I wish you continuing success, good health and the time to write another book.”


“I found the Seminar very interesting and informative. It certainly opened my eyes to the opportunities…

…in property investment and how we could use our assets (property) to ensure a comfortable
lifestyle in the future.
The atmosphere was very good, cosy and intimate and Nikki was passionate and professional. I enjoyed listening to her life experiences and lessons she learned along the way.

You will certainly hear from me in the near future, as I mentioned to Trevor.”

-Sue M.

“Just a wee note to thank you so much for coming to speak to the Amicus ladies at the end of last month.

The ladies just loved hearing your story and praised you for your heartfelt address and you
wonderful sense of humour.
Was so nice to meet you and I wish you every success in the future.

Kind regards,
Sue McKinlay
Speaker Convenor


“Thank you very much for your frank and honest discussion today. Amanda-Jane and I both discussed how this simple meeting with you today has changed our future, our children’s future.”

–Graham C.

“Very informative, engaging and relevant.”

“Contained all information relevant to today’s property market and engaging.”

-C. S.

“Thank you once again for the time, professionalism, sensitivity and understanding you showed me today

I look forward to beginning this journey towards financial independence with you and your team and cannot truly express the feeling of hope I had after leaving your office. Corny as it may sound, meeting you has become the high of my year of self discovery.”

-Dee B.

“Navigating through the pitfalls of bad investments was always a huge fear at my age, but Nikki and her business Propellor have been a godsend. Professional and profoundly knowledgeable, I can highly recommend.”

-Ian and Heather

“Thank you for your efforts to help us acquire an investment property.

We had no idea that at our time of life and taking into account our financial situation, an investment property was even remotely possible, until we read the Propeller Properties brochure which prompted a meeting with you; after which we
realised property investment plans could also be of great benefit to younger couples wanting to secure their future.

At our first meetings with both you and John we were very pleased to have everything explained to us so clearly especially the fact that it was possible to set up an investment property, rent it and have it managed without any pressure or
hassle for us, but ensuring future gains and security in our senior years by using the equity in our own home. So we agreed to taking the next step which was for you to find properties that match our criteria as determined by a financial

We appreciated the trouble you went to in arranging for us to view two properties, also setting up appointments for us with a mortgage broker and an accountant at no expense to us…

…it has been made very clear to us how your company could help some people in our position or similar circumstances and we would not hesitate to recommend Propeller Properties to friends or relations who were thinking of investing in the
property market.”


“We are so happy I attended Nikki’s seminar, as it opened our eyes and made us financially literate.

We already owned our own home and one rental but needed advice on how to better manage our
properties and how to invest in more property.
It has been 2 months since I attended the Propellor seminar and we have achieved so much since then.

We have been referred to an amazing group of professionals who have supported and guided us to make some very beneficial decisions. We have purchased another rental investment, structured our own finances and mortgages to now have an extra
$1600 a month in our hands.

This is the financial literacy I was talking about, we now feel richer in knowledge and in the bank account, thank you Nikki, Melanie and the team, we are so happy and excited for our future because we know we will be comfortable today and when
we retire.

Propellor for life!”


“(Nikki) I really appreciated speaking with you, and have come away really excited about the future. You are quite an inspiration, which I’m sure you know, but wanted to express…

Things are underway,
and I’m sure I will be well guided, and have confidence in Propellor and the wider crew looking out for my daughter’s and my own future! Thanks very much, once again!”

-Dipak P.

“What a Professional Company, Nikki is a True Property Professional, Our dealings with her and her Company have been Genuine, Informative & Life Changing –

Thank You for an Honest Open Partnership –
Your Years of Experience Shone through and An Expert YOU Are …. I Highly Recommend Propellor Property as your Goto Property Specialist – You will Not be Disappointed, I have Multiple Properties in this space & Only Wish I had Nikki & Propellor
Years Ago.”


“Hi Nikki, As I sit in my chair on this lazy Sunday afternoon in Auckland (with my dogs by my side snoring their heads off),I have just finished your book and as…

…I look out the window and see
the sunny afternoon it is, I am smiling. I am smiling for the great read, your journey and the truly inspiring person you are! I’m also smiling for myself too. We are at the start of our journey. Friday just gone we have paid the deposit for
our Faringdon property in Rollerston and I’m excited for my future. So much so the butterflies of success that are swelling around my mind and belly. Hee Hee 😊 I can’t thank you enough for going through your journey to be able to be in a
position to help little ole me. P.S My brother is attending your chch seminar shortly. I think I have passed on my enthusiasm. Lol Take care,”


“Hi Nikki,

I was at your seminar last week in Wellington and the woman at the front who talked to…

…you in the break. I was impressed as much by your passion for what you do and your belief than the
content of the evening. That, I think is what has made me want to go with you and your company. My husband Ian has always been quite cautious whereas I go with my gut and my sense of what seems to me to be genuine, so we have been individually
thinking about what we do next over the last few days. Thankyou…. I think we really need to move as we both are getting older and because we came from the UK we have no back up pension as there was nothing we could bring over being self
employed over there. Thankfully I have a very handy husband and as a builder he can turn his hand to most things. We were looking at flipping and making our money that way as I have a design background so could style the interiors and he could
develop the houses but your talk has made us think again about what we really need to do.
I hope we can meet again when we start working with you.

I just wanted to connect and tell you this as I really believe life is too short not to connect with people you make an impact on your life.”


“I thought the Seminar with Nikki Connors at The George last Wednesday in Christchurch was a brilliant night, thank you !

Twas like a well tuned Symphony
Right from the start the vibe was fab …. I spoke to you Karen on the phone about my ticket and you were so lovely and helpful even before I arrived.

Nikki is so warm and welcoming.

The food and beverages were delish …

So amazing start before any of the business content began

I had read Nikki’s book before I came so I was already impressed by her integrity in business .

As they ( whomever they are) say … Birds of a feather flock together.

As in business, I could sense that integrity right thru the group of professionals you had gathered. Win win.

Well how could it not with a fabulous woman like Nikki at the Helm?

I have made an appointment with Trevor and I look forward to doing business with Propeller.”

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