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Propellor Property Investments


Understand how using equity to invest in property can help give you financial security – A Your Success Workshop

If you have equity in your home and want tips and strategies for investing in residential property, this workshop is for you..read more.

Attend a Property Investment Workshop with the “Queen of Property”

Would you like to learn more regarding property investment through a workshop? Don’t miss out on one of our sessions, each hosted by the owner of Propellor Property Investments, Nikki Connors. The Queen of Property has…read more.

Build Your Portfolio with Qualified Property Investors in Auckland

Many people constantly worry about money, but by partnering with smart property investors in Auckland, you could set yourself up for life with a stream of passive income or build your portfolio to sell high-value properties…read more.

Buying Investment Property

What does it mean to find the ‘best property investment’? The natural answer is that the best investment is the one that nets the highest returns. However, for every individual investor, the ideal investment might look a…read more.

Get Advice from Successful Professionals Before Buying Investment Property

Buying a house as an investment property may seem simple, but without a knowledgeable team behind you, you could find yourself in a financial hole. Propellor Property Investments has the experience to guide you through the…read more.

Get the Guidance You Need for Residential Property Investment

When done correctly, residential property investment can help you pay off your mortgage more quickly, serve as a passive income source and help you grow your wealth faster than any pension plan. When done incorrectly, property…read more.

Is a House Investment Right for You?

At Propellor Property Investments, we offer short, medium and long-term house investment opportunities in New Zealand to both citizens and overseas investors, and we enjoy a reputation for being one of the most successful…read more.

Learn a Home Loan Strategy from Propellor and Start to Say Goodbye to Debt

A house is the largest investment that most people will ever make, so a home loan strategy is essential to ensure that you can pay off the debt as soon as possible. How you handle your mortgage is an extremely important…read more.

Pay off Your Mortgage Faster with Our Real Estate Investment Services

If you want to pay off your mortgage a little bit faster (and who doesn’t?), then Propellor Property Investments and our real estate investment services are a good place to start. While real estate investing isn’t often…read more.

Refine Your Property Investment Strategies with Qualified Help

Without fine-tuned property investment strategies targeted at bringing you closer to your goals, finding success in the industry can be challenging. That’s true whether you want to focus on paying down your mortgage or creating…read more.

Secure Your Future by Buying Investment Property the Smart Way

If you have considered venturing into the investment world, then you’re probably aware that buying investment property can provide significant benefits. Buying property to rent out can provide you with a passive income…read more.

Set Yourself up for Success with Informed Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing can be tricky, and you are putting your money at risk if you don’t have the knowledge or guidance to traverse this minefield. At Propellor Property Investments, we give you customised property investment…read more.

Start Exploring Opportunities for Investment Property in Wellington

At Propellor Property Investments, we dedicate ourselves to helping our clients find, identify and invest in the best opportunities for investment property in Wellington. If you’ve always been interested in real estate…read more.

The Leading Investment Property Advisors in New Zealand

Whether you want to prepare for your retirement or earn some passive income to supplement your wage, you should speak with our investment property advisors. We’ve been creating bespoke investment strategies for over a decade…read more.

Trust Propellor Property Investments for Mortgage Payment Strategies

Do you need assistance in creating mortgage payment strategies? Turn to the professionals at Propellor Property Investments for all the information that you need to know about this important subject. Regardless of whether you are a…read more.

Use a Property Investment Seminar to Springboard to the Next Stage

Could attending a property investment seminar open door and illuminate a way to create greater financial stability for your future? With the right professionals in place and the opportunity to engage with materials and ask…read more.

Using Real Estate as Private Equity for Your Investing Strategy

Have you ever considered a real estate private equity investment strategy? Perhaps you don’t like the idea of stock investing, or maybe you want to diversify your portfolio. Regardless, if you are thinking about buying real…read more.

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