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Propellor Property Investments


Property Investment Strategies

Propellor helps facilitate your investment by introducing you to a team of independent professionals including lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers and the team at Metropolis Real Estate. Propellor works tirelessly with your advisors and other third parties to ensure you have the right property investment advice and strategy that meets your goals.

Unique Strategy Built For You

Our professionals learn about you and your goals to ensure a strategy is built specifically for you.

Working To Achieve Your Life Goals

We do the work by putting your unique strategy into action towards your goals.

Property Is The Vehicle

In New Zealand we are very lucky to have such an amazing vehicle to develop strategies to achieve your life goals.

Here is what our clients are saying..

I thought the Seminar with Nikki Connors at The George last Wednesday in Christchurch was a brilliant night, thank you !

Twas like a well tuned Symphony

Right from the start the vibe was fab …. I spoke to you Karen on the phone about my ticket and you were so lovely and helpful even before I arrived.

Nikki is so warm and welcoming.

The food and beverages were delish …

So amazing start before any of the business content began

I had read Nikki’s book before I came so I was already impressed by her integrity in business .

As they ( whomever they are) say … Birds of a feather flock together.

As in business, I could sense that integrity right thru the group of professionals you had gathered. Win win.

Well how could it not with a fabulous woman like Nikki at the Helm?

I have made an appointment with Trevor and I look forward to doing business with Propeller.


Here are some other things we do for you

  • Provide examples of properties that your financial analysis suggests you can afford
  • Assist in ensuring that you and your advisers have a comprehensive due-diligence process on any property that meet your criteria
  • Research and identify the most desirable property investment locations
  • Identify any future developments in the local area that could affect tour chosen property’s value
  • Liaise and coordinate with your property professionals to ensure that they have all the information necessary to be able to advise you and make the process as stress-free as possible
  • Compile a property pack based on information conveyed to us by developers for each investment property that we consider could help achieve your investment strategy
  • Real estate research to ensure your property investment is sound
  • Including research on real estate location demographics and forecasted growth
  • Liaise and coordinate with your team of professionals to ensure the property sale and purchase agreement is fair to our clients