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Getting Started In Investing

Investment Property is a powerful way to build wealth because of leverage: your ability to multiply your return on investment using other people’s money (usually the banks).

The best place to start is to take advantage of our ‘Free Property Investing Service’.

One of the first things we do with you is work out how we can use property investing as a vehicle to get to your life goals.

Some of the things we help you with as you are getting started are:

  • Provide examples of properties that your financial analysis suggests you can afford
  • Assist in ensuring that you and your advisers have a comprehensive due-diligence process on any property that meet your criteria
  • Research and identify the most desirable property investment locations
  • Identify any future developments in the local area that could affect tour chosen property’s value
  • Liaise and coordinate with your property professionals to ensure that they have all the information necessary to be able to advise you and make the process as stress-free as possible
  • Compile a property pack based on information conveyed to us by developers for each investment property that we consider could help achieve your investment strategy
  • Real estate research to ensure your property investment is sound
    Including research on real estate location demographics and forecasted growth
  • Liaise and coordinate with your team of professionals to ensure the property sale and purchase agreement is fair to our clients

If you would like to learn more about our free property investing service, please book a consultation with the button below.

Getting A Second Or Third Mortgage

Property investing is about using others peoples money to buy multiple properties that provide a passive income – and ideally – capital gains.

One of the keys to making this work is how you structure your finance.  This is where a lot of people fall over.

This is also where we can help you.  When you work with us, our senior team provide property advice and tailor-made investment strategies to deliver smarter property investment in New Zealand.  

We work with you and your financial position to develop a personalised and unique plan just for you.

Our Advice Is 100% Free

Whether you are purchasing your first property or building your portfolio, our team of experienced advisors and trusted professionals have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your investment goals.

  • Get a personalised strategy from NZ property investment specialists built just for you
  • Get expert advice, Proven Results
  • Learn how to purchase property with minimum deposit
  • Grow Your Investment Property Portfolio
  • Build Wealth, Secure Your Future

If you would like to learn more about getting your own personal strategy, please book a consultation with the button below.

Finding the Right Properties

All the property we recommend is new or in the process of being built.


  • Because new build investment only require 20% deposit
  • They are compliant with the Healthy Homes regulations
  • They have less or no maintenance and repair issues
  • They tend to attract a higher rental
  • They can be sold after 5 years without incurring tax on any profit (speak to your accountant about this)
  • Between the time you purchase an off the plan property and the time it is finished you may enjoy capital gain from the growing value of the property through the build
  • Older property could have tax obligations under new regulations


We also spend a lot of time researching the developers of the property.  Property investing is a long game and it is important that we work with only the right developers and ensure all contracts protect the interests of our clients.

As part of our research we check:

  • What reputation do they have in the marketplace
  • What have they built before
  • What is the quality of their fixtures and finishes
  • Do they provide our clients warranties and guarantees
  • What does their sale and purchase agreement look like?

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