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Nikki Connors

The Queen of New Zealand Property and leading property commentator with experience over multiple property cycles.
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"Thanks to you guys my life has been transformed!!!
No more credit card debt, money in the bank and 2 investment properties!
- JR

Propellor Property Investment's Story

A credible service for smarter property investment in New Zealand, Propellor Properties offers investment property advice and injects renewed confidence into the New Zealand property investment market.

We work with trusted professionals who create a tailor-made investment strategy for you. This strategy gives private property investors an opportunity to draw on a level of industry knowledge not normally at their disposal. We cover multiple regions of New Zealand with a focus on helping you achieve better returns with Christchurch, Hamilton & Auckland property investment.

Whether you are searching for one investment property, or want to build a property investment portfolio, in conjunction with our wide range of trusted professionals - we can help you learn how to invest in real estate successfully.

Podcast – From Failure to Fabulous

The Continuing Journey of New Zealand’s Queen Of Property

Nikki Connors is widely regarded as one of NZ’s premier property investment strategists. During her remarkable career Nikki has learned some big lessons from "having it all", losing it, and then working her way back to the top. In her new podcast series she shares her hard-won wisdom and her passion for helping every Kiwi onto the property ladder.

New Zealand’s Leading Property Investment Seminar.

With a combined experience of over 100 years in the property investment game over multiple property cycles, there is none more qualified or knowledgeable than the Propellor Property Investments team. Lead by New Zealand’s very own Queen of Property, Nikki Connors, You are in for a night of invaluable wisdom to help grow your investment property portfolio.

Every attendee is greeted with refreshments and beverages and a signed copy of Nikki Connor’s book, A Fabulous Failure.

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