Propellor does not buy and on-sell any of our own properties nor do we charge you for our services. Our sister company Metropolis Real Estate acts for multiple developers with properties to list that may meet your criteria. This ensures a "deep pool" of potential options for you to choose from. Our sister company Metropolis Real Estate is aware of our 21 point investment criteria and understands, that any sale on behalf of a developer will not occur to one of our clients without meeting those standards.Likewise developers are aware of how we operate. In this way, Propellor has access to a diverse and constantly changing portfolio of investment properties for sale all around New Zealand that we believe gives our clients an excellent investment opportunity.

An Accountant helps and talks through with you, your personalised investment strategy which contains examples of properties potentially suitable for your circumstance. The chartered accountant prepares conservative ten-year projections on these properties showing expected outgoings, income and tax savings. So you can be assured that the property you choose will suit either your personal or financial circumstances.

We have also collated comprehensive due diligence information on all the investment properties which may be offered to you. Of course, your lawyer and accountant are free to consider all of this material to assist you. We can also recommend a lawyer and an accountant to advise you independently as well.

We strive to assist you and your team in finding a property that is a solid build, in a proven growth area with an excellent rental return.

Here is just a small selection of properties in our portfolio which have been offered. Please note that, as all the properties are highly desirable, the stock changes every week ….

The following information on the properties has been obtained by our sister company Metropolis Real Estate who have obtained listings from a number of reputable developers.



BLOCK 7517A6096


New York loft styled apartment project inspired by Art Deco period. A unique and rare piece of investment property that offers a 53sqm living area with 38sqm deck, two tier car park, security, and the comfort of central city living at its finest.

 This extraordinary rejuvenated 1925 iconic masterpiece can be part of your investment portfolio NOW. Situated in central Auckland with amazing proximity to designer shops, major banks, Albert Park, universities, Countdown supermarket, restaurants, and cafes.


Price: $630,000
Car Park $110,000

Appraised Rental Return: $550 per week plus an additional $100 the stacker (two cars) car park for a total income of $650 per week.



High-quality brick homes with open plan living.

Photo of 120

Located in Lincoln, The Flemington Development is only a fifteen-minute drive to Christchurch CBD these houses are a must have for any investor, with open plan living area, indoor outdoor flow, spacious bedrooms with built in wardrobes and much much more.


Price: $589,600  

Appraised Rental Return: $550 - $600 per week







current listings.*Propellor does not sell property. Propellor, instead, works with their sister company Metropolis Real Estate who provide real estate services, who have authorised us to display their properties.

Disclaimer: While we make every effort to check as to the accuracy of the information provided by us to you, we are in some cases only passing on information that has been conveyed to us by lawyers providing real estate services who have received this information from the respective developers. As such, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. We therefore recommend that you obtain professional advice. 

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